People Can Brighten Each Other’s Day

 “We can all still help each other, despite the restrictions and difficulties now imposed on everyday life, despite the worries and the anxieties, “ says Fr. Seán O’Sullivan in the first of a series of Podcasts launched on the parish website in response to the coronavirus crisis.

The Podcasts, which you can listen to here on the website, are intended as a means of communication during the current difficulties.

In the first Podcast, Fr. Seán says that, despite the limitations on life “which means that there is so much we can no longer control,” there are things that everyone can do, for their families and for each other.

“Great community spirit has been shown in the Harbour Parishes in the way so many people have offered to help. It shows that people want to help each other through the present difficulties.”

He has a special message for older members of the parish community who may be self-isolating: “One of the great contributions you can make is the gift of your prayers. Your generation is steeped in prayer. It has been part of the rhythm of your life. It is part of who you are and we, as a community, need to tap into that powerful reservoir of faith that you bring.”

Tom MacSweeney

The Harbour Parish