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Fr.Con Cronin describes, in this week’s Harbour Parishes Podcast, how he felt returning to the altar in Monkstown Church to say Mass again.

There was a strangeness about it, he says, though it is a welcome step forward that the churches are open again.

This week’s Harbour Parishes Podcast is the 16th in the weekly series and is also the final one. In it Fr.Con notes that there are people who remain worried and concerned, even though the country is opening up again. But he hopes the situation will continue to improve.

Now that the Churches are open again and the Parish Newsletter will be making its return shortly, the Podcast series which maintained communication during the Pandemic has done its work, providing a service to Parishioners. During the series the Parish Clergy reached out to the community and developed a new way of communicating. They have done great work and been innovative, interviewing church choirs, recording music, talking to young people and to well-known parishioners. They have become established Podcasters and Broadcasters. To Alan Murray great thanks is due for his co-ordination of the Podcasts into the parish website which he runs so well.

This week Fr.Con talks to me about emerging from the difficult months past and what can be looked forward to. The threat of Covid 19 has not gone away totally. It is still necessary to take care and stay safe he says, but there is hope and a better future ahead.

It is also hoped that our Podcasters will be back on air in September with a new monthly Podcast about the Harbour Parishes..

 Until then, thanks for listening.

----- Tom MacSweeney