Our Parish Autumn Dues envelopes will be distributed to homes in the parish over the coming weeks.  As you may know, the system in operation in parishes in Cork & Ross means that priests are not paid a salary directly by the parish.  The monies contributed by parishioners in collections at Masses each week go directly to meet the running costs of the parish.  The priests’ income is derived entirely from the offerings of parishioners in the Spring and Autumn Dues Collections, the annual Christmas and Easter Offerings as well as offerings received for the celebrations of baptisms, marriages and funerals.

We would like to take this opportunity to express our deep gratitude once again to all our parishioners who have supported us so generously and so faithfully down through the years.  In particular, we would like to thank all those who, of their own initiative, were kind enough to support us this past Spring when we were not in a position to distribute the Spring Dues and Easter Offering envelopes as normal. Your kindness and thoughtfulness in remembering us, given everything else that was happening at that time, was very humbling and we thank you for your kindness. If you would like to contribute towards the income of your local priests we ask you to return your offering in your own time and at your own convenience either in the collection basket at Mass or to either of our houses. 

We appreciate that these are challenging and uncertain times for many people and fully understand that it may not be possible for some families to contribute at this time.  Envelopes are available in all of our Churches for anyone who does not receive one. Thank you again for your kind support.           Fr Con & Fr Seán