Weekly Reflection

  • Servants In The Vineyard of Creation 03/10/2020

    Today marks the end of the Church’s Season of Creation, a time when the Church calls on us to remember that we are protectors of this earth and have been given responsibility to care for it, not to plunder and destroy it. The parable told in the Gospel today also speaks of  this as we hear that the workers of the vineyard have lost sight of their original agreement with the owner and, consumed by greed, have lost their way.  Today is also the feast of St Francis of Assisi. He experienced all of God’s creation as family: ‘Brother Sun, Sister Moon, Brother Wind, Sister Water’. He was a mystic...

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  • More Than Good Intentions Required 26/09/2020

    During the recent ‘lockdown’ many people found themselves turning to nature. There was a surge of interest in gardening. We tended to flower beds, planted seeds, started herb gardens. Lots of people commented that they noticed the birds singing for the first time in years. In the midst of challenging times, we found ourselves tuning in to the wonder of God’s creation all around us. As life begins to return to ‘normal’, can we retain this sense of wonder and awe? In this Season of Creation, we are invited to discover the presence of God in creation, to give thanks for the gift of the earth, and...

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The Harbour is the Weekly Newsletter for the Harbour Parishes.

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Community Notices

  • Sanitising Service 2020-10-03 12:05:33

    Martin Cullinane, a local man is offering sanitising services using a ULV fogging system that sanitises all surfaces leaving them dry in approximately 40 minutes.  Martin has kindly provided the service for St Mary’s Church, Passage West in recent...

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  • Snippets From Local History 2020-09-26 08:56:30

    The Ferry Point, Passage West There is some early mention of a ferry crossing from Passage West to Carrigaloe including the granting of a licence by King James 1 in the early 1600’s to the Terry Family.  Colonel James Roche, during the Siege of...

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