Monday afternoon, 11th May 2020, witnessed a heart-warming outpouring of affection for Sr Rosarii Darby as she celebrated her 88th birthday. Despite the restrictions on public gatherings, friends from throughout the parish found a novel way to honour this remarkable woman with a birthday cavalcade salute that respected all the public health guidelines on social distancing.  The spirit of the celebration is well captured in the following article from the Echolive website on Tuesday which also features a short video clip of the celebrations. 


 Echolive - Sr Rosarii  

 Happy Birthday Rosarii.  We hope you enjoyed this small expression of how much you mean to our community.  You deserve it all and much much more.

Fr Sean

Government statements advising Over 70s to “cocoon” for their own safety have been clarified because of confusion they caused and after complaints from the public and from charities working with elderly people about the confusion and upset they had created.

 The HSE and Department of Health this week confirmed that “cocooning” is advisory and not mandatory.

 The Health (Preservation and Protection and other Emergency Measures in the Public Interest) Act 2020, passed by Government contains provisions to fine or imprison those who do not obey an order from a Garda to return home, if that Garda believes the person is making an unnecessary journey outside a two kilometre zone from their home.  However there is no provision in that Act to sanction Over 70s who leave their homes.

 The HSE has “strongly advised” those in what it describes as the “at risk category”, that is to say those over 70 years of age and those with underlying health conditions, to  stay at home and not to leave home in any circumstances. They urge those ‘cocooning’ to get their shopping delivered and to arrange for medications to be left outside their door. The initial HSE statements caused many people to believe that it was illegal to go out if they were over 70 but this is not so.

 We hope the government’s recent clarification will ease the distress and confusion that many people felt when the guidelines were first communicated.  At the same time we encourage everyone in our community to follow the advice of our public health authorities in order to keep themselves and everyone else safe. By all playing our part, together we can fight the spread of the virus and save lives.  

The month of November when we remember loved ones who have died is fast approaching.  The Novena of Masses for the Faithful Departed will be celebrated from the Feast of the Holy Souls on Friday 2nd November right through to Saturday 10th November. As part of our Novena each year we celebrate an Annual Mass of Remembrance for those who have died over the past twelve months.

The Mass of Remembrance for Passage West will be celebrated on Friday 2nd November at 7.30 p.m. in St Mary’s Church in Passage West.

The Mass of Remembrance for Monkstown, Shanbally and Ringaskiddy will be celebrated in the Church of the Sacred Hearts, Monkstown on Friday 9th November at 7.30 p.m.

If you have someone in your family who has died in the past year whom you would like remembered in these Masses please contact Cathy in the Parish Office or any of the priests and we will pass on your loved one’s name to those who are preparing our remembrance services. All are welcome to join us in praying for our loved ones.

Bingo continues in the Gill Room, Monkstown every Wednesday from 2.00 p.m. to 4.00 p.m.  Come along and enjoy an afternoon of fun, chat and company.

The Rosary will continue to be prayed each Wednesday night in October at the Grotto in Ardmore Estate, Passage West at 8.00 p.m.  All are welcome.

Next Sunday, 1st December 2019, we will welcome the children preparing for First Holy Communion at our Masses in Shanbally, Passage West and Monkstown as they join us in our celebration of the First Sunday of Advent. We look forward to them joining us in prayer together with their families.                                Fr Seán    


Welcome back! We hope that the wonderful weather we have enjoyed over the summer months has lifted all our spirits and will stand us in good stead for the challenges and opportunities of the coming months as we slowly slip back into the rhythm of school, work and meetings.  The coming weeks will see many parish and community activities spring back into action after a well-deserved break over the summer.  Almost 600 copies of our newsletter are printed and circulated through local Churches each weekend so we encourage local groups and organisations to take advantage of it to keep the community informed of any upcoming events or activities.

Details of any events can be forwarded to the Parish Office or emailed to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. by 9.00 p.m. on Wednesday evening any week.

If anyone would like to pen a short article on any aspect of parish or community life or any contemporary issue we are always interested in new voices and fresh insights and will be happy to include them when we have space.  The newsletter is also available for download on our parish website each week. We look forward to working together over the coming months to keep the community informed of local news as well as giving us pause for thought and reflection.

        The Newsletter Team