Parish Child Safeguarding Representatives

To help us to ensure a safe and supportive environment for children each parish in the diocese has a group of trained Parish Safeguarding Representatives. The national policy describes their role as working with the parish clergy in:

  • Raising awareness of what child safeguarding is.
  • Ensuring that parishioners are informed regarding the standards that apply to all Church activities involving children.
  • Ensuring that Church activities in our parish are provided in a way that ensures the safety and well-being of the children involved.
  • Ensuring that the contact details of the Diocesan Designated Liaison Person, Tusla [The Child and Family Agency] and the Garda are widely publicised and are clearly displayed in all Church properties.
  • Ensuring that the standards in practice and behaviour laid down in the national policy are upheld.

 The Parish Safeguarding Representatives May Be Contacted Through The Parish Office

The Child Safeguarding Representatives for the Harbour Parishes are:

  • Ms Eileen O'Meara Child Safeguarding Representative - Monkstown

    Phone: 021-4863267
  • Ms Celine Hyde Child Safeguarding Representative - Passage West

    Phone: 021-4863267
  • Lisa Hanna Child Safeguarding Representative - Monkstown

    Phone: 021-4863267
  • Jackie Keane Child Safeguarding Representative - Shanbally

    Phone: 021-4863267
  • Nikki O’Neill Child Safeguarding Representative - Ringaskiddy

    Phone: 021-4863267