As attention begins to be focussed on the World Meeting of Families in Dublin next August and the anticipated visit of Pope Francis for same, Trocaire has produced an interesting resource which aims to help families learn together about the lives of other families in different parts of the world where Trocaire is working.  Together your family will have the chance to learn about their daily lives, the issues they face and to share in their hopes and dreams for the future. 

If you are interested simply log on to and register your family for the award.  You will receive a ‘Family Journal’ via post and learn about the Abamos family in Ethiopa, the Ondari family in Kenya and Jules and Camilla in Syria. Each step in the programme is accompanied by fun activities. There are even recipes from the different countries for you to try.  This easy to use programme has been designed as a family-centred, engaging and fun activity for parents and children alike. The family pack comes with all the materials you will need and easy to follow instructions for parents and older siblings. As our minds begin to turn to Christmas wouldn’t it be nice to give our children an opportunity to have a sense of how people live in other parts of the world?  Why not take it on as a project for Advent, something that the family can do together in the weeks ahead?. Every family that participates in the Romero Family Award will receive a certificate in recognition of their participation.  Go on! Dive in!  Fr Seán