Most of us who are a little bit older can probably agree on two things in respect of exams, especially our own experience of the Leaving Cert.  For many of us it was an incredibly anxious and tense time, a time of pressure and uncertainty. The weeks building up to it, waiting for it all to begin, were often the most difficult.  But we also know that there is life after the Leaving Cert.  Our results may have shaped our choices for our next step in life but the Leaving Cert did not define us nor did it determine who we were to become in life.  That depends on us!

With all this in mind the Parish Assembly have organised an evening of Taize Prayer in Ringaskiddy Oratory next Thursday evening, 30th May 2019, at 7.30 p.m. that will be offered for all those in our communities and in our families facing exams over the coming month.  Taize Prayer is a form of quiet prayer, popular amongst young people throughout the world, consisting of moments of quiet reflection interspersed with short scripture readings and distinctive meditative Taize chant with its soothing repetitive rhythm.  Come and join us on Thursday evening as we pray with and for young people who will remain in our thoughts and prayers over the coming weeks.                                                                   The Parish Assembly