We all experience moments of dying in our lives.  We get a foretaste of death when we live in bitterness, when prejudice blinds us, when loneliness enfolds us, when fear oppresses us, when sadness overwhelms us and when we give in to despair.  In those moments the world is closing in on us and something dies within us.

But we also experience moments of resurrection in our lives: when we know true love, when we are truly accepted, when we are forgiven, when we open our hearts to our neighbour, and when hope returns. In those moments our horizon is widening and we can feel ourselves emerging from the tomb.

Lord Jesus, may the power of your resurrection touch whatever is dead within us and bring it back to life.  Let the splendour of your resurrection light up the world, scattering the shadows of death and helping all of us to walk in radiant hope towards the new life that you promise.

© Fr Flor McCarthy SDB, Dominican Publications