Many years ago there was a TV programme called “What’s my line”.  The format was a chairperson, a panel of experts and a mystery guest.  The guest had some unusual occupation.  The panel would try to figure out what it was.  They would do this by asking a series of questions, calling for a Yes or No answer.  Sometimes the panel would figure out what the guest did, but occasionally they would be stumped and the guest would have to tell them.

We have an ancient version of this game in this Sunday’s Gospel.  The mystery guest is John the Baptist and the panel of experts is a group who are trying to figure out who John is.  His simple answer was “I am a voice”.  That was John’s role.  He was a voice alerting people to the coming of the Messiah.  If someone were to ask any of us to identify ourselves, what would we say?  They are not asking our name, they just want to know our role in life.  How would you answer that?  I think that all of us could borrow a part of John’s answer.  We could say “I am a voice”.  We are all a voice for something.  We may not talk much but that doesn’t matter.  Actions speak louder than words and we all represent something or somebody. 

John was a preacher of incredible power and his every word pointed towards Christ.  He held Christ in high esteem and so do we.  Most of us are not preachers.  We lack the ability to speak for him as John did. We can still stand for his cause and that is the most effective preaching.  The best word that is ever spoken for Christ is really not a word, but a deed.  Whose voice are you?  Every time you treat people with kindness and words you are speaking for Christ.  Do it today and do it often.

                                                                                                                     Fr John