The first disciples were simply mending their nets when they were called. It was part of their daily routine, something they did almost every day. It is a wonderful reminder that there is something sacred about the ordinary: be it bathing a child, loving a spouse, doing our job, family time and everything else that goes to make up our days. In the middle of all of this God can often surprise us and call us into his service. Our expectation is sometimes different – we think that we need long times of prayer to find God, or read about him, or do big things for him. But more often than not God is found in the ordinary.

Irish spirituality had blessings for everything ordinary moments – for milking a cow, dusting a room, visiting the sick and many more. There were prayers for meals, a safe journey and a happy death. In times past Irish spirituality found God as much in mountains and people as in the church, and often more so. May we, like the first disciples, realize that it is in and through the ordinary moments of life that God calls us most to follow Him.                  ©Donal Neary SJ