The child featured on the Trocaire Box this year is a girl called Kumba.  She was a bright happy 7-year old until 13th August last year when her life changed forever.  Kumba woke as her house began to shake and a deafening roar filled her bedroom.  Her mother Finda grabbed her arm and dragged her from the house as mud enveloped their home.  Her little sister fell and as they tried to pull her from the deepening mud her kneecap became detached.  Fortunately, though injured, the family reached safety. Other villagers weren’t so lucky.  Kumba watched many perish, believing her father who wasn’t at home to be among them.  Thankfully her father survived, but her home and the life she had known were swept away that morning. Her family lost everything.  Her parents’ livelihoods were gone in an instant.  With nowhere to live Kumba has been separated from her family and is staying in a children’s home with her mother and siblings while her father lives with his brother.  All they want is to be together again.

A few years ago Kumba and her family lived through the Ebola crisis which killed many in Sierra Leone.  Now, she and her family face the fear of uncertainty again.  Kumba loves school and hopes to have an important job one day.  Help to give her that hope by supporting this year’s Trocaire Lenten Campaign so that Trocaire can continue to support the Koroma family and many more like them in Sierra Leone that have been devastated over recent years first by the Ebola epidemic and in more recent months by terrifying mudslides.  

Trocaire Boxes and information packs are available in all our Churches this weekend. Please take one and return it after Easter to help families like Kumba’s in Sierra Leone, one of the poorest countries in the world. Despite all the setbacks Kumba and her family have suffered, they are not giving up. Neither should we!  Together let’s do what we can to help to bring new hope to their lives.      

Fr Seán