At the beginning of the year we extended an open invitation to parishioners to become actively involved in the life of the parish by volunteering for one of the ministries and services within our community.  Since then a number of people have been kind enough to volunteer to join our team of Ministers of the Word and the Eucharist [some with a little gentle encouragement from Fr Con, our Director of Recruitment!] Others have joined our choirs or offered their services in helping in different aspects of parish life.  We are blessed to have so many people who freely give of their time and talents to enrich the life of our community: our sacristans, those who care for and look after our Churches, our collectors, our Parish Assembly, our Ministers of the Word and Eucharist, our  wonderful choirs, those who count our collections and look after the finances of the parish, our prayer groups and care groups, those who encourage and support children to be part of our celebrations and the many others who work quietly behind the scenes to enrich the life of the parish.  Without you we would have no parish. 

We also know that it is important that we as a parish provide opportunities for those who give so generously of themselves to be nourished and nurtured, to take a bit of time for themselves and to appreciate the difference they make. Over three coming Monday nights in May, the 14th May, 21st May and 28th May, we have invited Anne Francis to lead us in reflection of aspects of Discipleship, Church and Ministry.  Anne, who lives with her family in Innishannon, previously worked in Parish Renewal and Faith Formation in our diocese before working as the Director of Pastoral Studies in the Margaret Beaufort College in Cambridge.  Anne brings with her a wealth of experience and insights gained from study, reflection and years of working with groups in parishes that have fostered a wonderfully rich yet grounded vision of Church and Ministry.  We will gather each Monday night in St Mary’s Church, Passage West from 8.00 to 9.15 p.m. and will share a cuppa afterwards in St Elizabeth’s Meeting Room.  All those involved in any way in the life of the parish or those who would like to become more involved are welcome to join us.  Consider yourself invited!  We look forward to seeing you on Monday 14th May.                                                                                                     Fr Seán