This summer, take time to slow down, to relax and to focus on what truly matters to you. 

Take time outdoors …. you’ll be inside long enough when winter returns!  

Take time to be astounded by the beauty that surrounds us and the sheer joy of being alive.

Take time to paddle in the ocean, to sit in the sun, to laugh with friends and to play with children.

Take time for whatever makes your soul soar and your heart sing. 

Take time to make others feel good and you yourself will feel the better for it! 

Take time for fun and include others in your fun – a joy shared is often a joy doubled. 

Take time above all to build memories that will endure even when the sun has declined and the evenings have shortened. 

Take time this summer to let your breathing slow and your heart be open. 

Take time to be present to all that is so that you might see all that might be. 

Take time this summer to allow God to refresh and renew you. 

That is what summers are for!                                                            Anonymous