There's a time for remembering, a time to recall

The trials and the triumphs, the fears and the falls.

There's a time to be grateful for the moments so blest:

The jewels of our memory where love is our guest.

 The opening lines of Liam Lawton’s hymn ‘There is a Place’ capture the spirit in which we are invited to remember our loved ones and the deceased of our community over the coming weeks. We are called simply to let ‘love be our guest.’  Love always remembers, love is forever grateful.  Love never stops wishing the best for those it loves, even when they are no longer with us.  That is why we will prayerfully honour all those who have touched our lives and all those who have gone before us on our journey home to God over these coming weeks of November.  Our November prayer is rooted in profound gratitude and a deep sense of hope: an overwhelming sense of gratitude for the incredible blessing they have been in our lives, an unwavering hope rooted in our conviction that they are now, as scripture tells us, ‘in the hands of God.’                                                              Fr Seán