Lent is a time when we are invited to become conscious of the many people in our world who suffer want and need because of oppression, injustice and poverty. It is a time to strengthen our spirit of solidarity by extending a brotherly and sisterly hand to those in our world who are less fortunate than we are. We are invited to express that solidarity by denying ourselves something that we enjoy and contributing that money instead to Trocaire’s  Lenten Campaign to support their work for development and justice in the poorest areas of the world.  In so doing we honour two of the great traditional Lenten practices of fasting and almsgiving – denying ourselves some small luxury so that others might benefit.

Trocaire Boxes are available in all our Churches this weekend and we encourage all families to take one and to use it over the coming weeks.  Having a Trocaire Box at home is a wonderful way of teaching children the importance of thinking of others and trying to help them.  Over the coming weeks our newsletter will feature a small article each week  telling us a little about the three children, Patricia, Maria and Maya who feature on this year’s box and how Trocaire is helping families like theirs.  Trocaire boxes can be returned to any of our Churches at the end of Lent.  Thank you for making Trocaire part of your Lenten journey this year.   Fr Seán