There is something special about Mother’s Day.  More than most of any national celebration, it lends itself to sentimentality.  It is fairly easy to understand how we could become sentimental about the one who brought us into this world and cared for us through our most helpful years.  For most of us, life found its early direction under the influence of “Mother”.  In all probability when you took your first step, “Mother” was there.  How could we not be sentimental about anyone who has been that much part of our lives?  Yet with all of this we need to remember that mothers are just people like all the rest of us.  They have hopes and dreams, doubts and fears.  They get tired and need rest.  They feel forgotten and need appreciation.  Mothers are just people, but to most of us they are very special people.  With all of their human frailties they have come to symbolise those qualities of life that we admire the most in others.

One of the qualities is strength.  Whenever life is not working right – when there is sickness, when there is pain, when there is sadness, the first thing a child thinks of is “Mother”.  She is a problem solver.  Her arms are the place of security.  Any mother who handles her job well becomes a symbol of strength, a source of inspiration and that is something we all need.

To all mothers we say thank you for loving us, for meeting our childhood needs and for reminding us of what our greatest needs are.                                 Fr John