Congratulations on your decision to celebrate the Sacrament of Marriage

Who officiates or solemnises the marriage?

The choice of priest or deacon is yours. It does not have to be the priest or deacon of the church where the wedding takes place. You are welcome to ask your local priest to help you prepare for the ceremony and to solemnise the marriage.

If the priest or deacon is a visitor to our parish, he will be authorised by the priest at the Harbour Parishes to officiate at the ceremony. If you wish, you may invite other priests to concelebrate.

If you are not a resident parishioner in one of our parishes it is usual that you ask one of your own parish priests to officiate at your marriage. If this is not possible, please advise us at the time of enquiring and - subject to availability - the priest at the Harbour Parishes will officiate at the marriage ceremony.

the Sacrament of Marriagethe Sacrament of Marriage

Choosing your Venue

There is a variety of churches and chapels in this area where you are welcome to celebrate this special moment in your lives.

  • Monkstown (Sacred Heart Church)
  • Passage West (St Mary's Church)
  • Ringaskiddy (Oratory)
  • Shanbally (Immaculate Heart of Mary Church)

Your Wedding Date

Weddings are not celebrated on Sundays, Holy Days and other special days. (e.g. Christmas Day, Good Friday etc.)  If you make your request via this website those certain dates will not be available to select.

Paperwork for the state and for the church

You need two sets of paperwork: one required by the state and one required by the Catholic Church. We will advise you about the requirements for church papers when your booking is confirmed.

Fees and stipends

If you are visitors to the parish, you will be asked to pay a fee for the use of the church when your booking is confirmed (between €350 and €500). Resident parishioners are not asked for this fee but voluntary gifts for the upkeep of the churches are gratefully received.

Your priest celebrant will need to be given a stipend for preparing and conducting the ceremony.

Requesting a Wedding

There are two ways you can request a wedding:

1. Request a date and church via 

the online Marriage Request form

or if you prefer

2. Contact the Parish Office on 083 145 4700

to check availabilty and obtain a paper request form

Important: With either method we advise you not to make any other plans until the time and date of the ceremony has been confirmed